Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Solution for Mouse drift

Hello Friends!

I have already explained about the solution for the mouse drift, but i feel it was not sufficient enough. So, i have done some more research on how to solve mouse drift.
I am a gamer and I love to play games all day but suddenly one day my mouse pointer is acting weird, the pointer is moving in it's own direction. I am not able to target, select the segment i want to. Yes, very annoying! this happen to me and the problem was, i used to run a lot of programmes in the back ground while gaming. So, I did some research and found out that, Mouse pointer drift when there are too many applications running in the background. It was advised to close all the programmes running in the background. Hmmm! it didn't work for me though, may be will work for some.

I have also found out that sometimes just by changing the power supply to the PS/2 you or changing the PS/2 port might solve your problem. Online many have found this solution to be very successful. I dint get the chance to try it though as mentioned in my previous post my problem was solved by just reinstalling the Operating system from scratch.

I have found that most of the people who have this mouse drift problem, have either installed "Windows XP Service Pack 2" or upgraded their machine with a new firmware. Usually the service pack installed in the machine downloaded from the internet, i.e the pirated ones have spyware embedded in it, leading to mouse pointer drift. There are some websites which give you a good copy of the software but how tell who. So, I strongly suggest that people to have it downloaded from the Microsoft website. One more option is to download from a geninue website but wouldn't recommend though.

Mouse drift on laptops

Hi! Friends,

This post is especially for people who are
trouble shooting their laptops/notebooks for mouse pointer drift.

As mentioned in the previous post the best solution to solve pointer drift is to
disconnect the track connecting to your pointer stick. Its easy in few laptops to shutdown the "Track Pointer/Pointer Stick" from control panel, but it's not the case in all the laptop's as few laptop's don't have that kind of access to the Pointer Stick through control panel. So, i would suggest that you go contact your company whether they can help you out before you dissect you laptop and later repent for dissecting it.

Company like dell, Lenovo, HP provide their customers with
tools in their website for older models, try to find those tools first then you can try disconnecting the cable. So, try to find out which other way you can disconnect it. Instead of disconnecting the cable impulsively!
If you have warranty then go for customer care, in case you dont have and if you can't afford it then go to respective websites and try to know is there a
solution from the company. As every company has a research and development department working on the solutions for most common problems and after all this if you still end up with no solution you can go ahead and cut the cable connecting the "Pointer Track" manually.
Remember it was you decision to do it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here is the solution for Mouse pointer drift?

HI! Friends do you have the same problem?

My mouse pointer was fine, suddenly it started acting weird. It started moving in its own direction on its own. In the beginning it dint bother me much but later, it started to annoy me to the core, I was literally going mad. Whenever I wanted to click some icon it became very difficult. Before I click, the pointer would have moved and I would have clicked something else. Once I got so angry, I thought of throwing it away but I could not, I had paid for it and it was a new one!

1) Before I had scroll mouse and this used to happen, All I used to do was open the mouse clean the ball and the socket containing the ball. But this was optical mouse I dint know what to do! Though I clean it from outside no change it still was very erratic.

2) Try changing your mouse pad, if you are using a mouse pad. Sometimes due to uneven surface also leads to this kind of problems.

3) I called up my service center they asked me to change the drivers I used, I uninstalled my existing old mouse drivers and installed the new drivers, it did work but only for two days. I didn’t have the patience to do all this every two days…, I went online tried to know what exactly the problem was! I researched a lot and found few solutions which have worked for some people.

4) Go to Start, Control panel, double click mouse settings a window will pop up, there again click on pointer settings:

• There you decrease the speed of the mouse pointer. This was like punishing the mouse pointer for drifting on its own but mine was stubborn one didn’t come to right track even after decreasing its speed, and it was more of a punishment to me, as I could play my games that efficiently.
• You can also deselect the “Enhance Pointer Precision”.

5) One more option was to scan your machine with latest anti-virus, I did this! Guess what? I found few Trojans were there on my comp. I tried to disinfect but I could not. So, I had to reinstall the whole operating system. If you are able to solve the mouse drift by deleting the Trojans and disinfect your comp with anti-virus, you need not to reinstall the operating system, as it takes about an hour and might lose all data stored in your machine.

If you have the same problem you can try all this. In case all these solutions doesn’t work for you! Then changing the mouse might solve the problem.

If you own a laptop/notebook and have the same problem then you can follow “Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5”. Here are few more solutions for laptop/notebook:

Decrease the sensitivity of the touch pad.
Turn off Pointer Stick/Stick Mice in the middle of keyboard, on your notebook. This is the most popular solution for all the notebook holders.

Few laptops doesn't give an option to turn off the "Pointer Stick". In that case you will have to manually open your keyboard and disconnect the cable connected to your "Pointer Stick".

Here is a link that help you disconnect the cable connecting to your Pointer Stick.